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Azerbaijan-Korean Information Access Center

The Azerbaijan-Korea Information Access Center was opened on December 17, 2008 with the support of the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunities and Promotion (KADO), which was created with the direct support of the Korean government to provide integrated foreign and domestic digital systems. The opening ceremony was attended by the rector of BSU, academician Abel Maharramov, Deputy Minister of Public Administration and Security of the Republic of Korea Kin Yong Ho and Vice President of KADO Park Fon Gsun.

In May 2012, during the visit of the Executive Director of the Korean National Information Society Munch Hong to Baku State University, an agreement was signed on the reconstruction of the Center. Refurbishment works include replacing the center's computer system, video conferencing system and the creation of a virtual university. The Azerbaijan-Korea Information Support Center was opened in August 2012 after renovation. The shipment, worth about $ 100,000, was free of charge.

The main purpose of opening the center:
-Students get acquainted with modern digital technology and equipment
-To master the latest information technology;
- Ensuring their more active participation in the integration processes of the globalizing world.

The 3-room Azerbaijan-Korean Information Support Center has a seminar room, an information technology training laboratory and an internet room. The IT training laboratory is equipped with 90 computers and two large format projectors. The center has created all the conditions for students to have broader knowledge in the field of computers, as well as proficient in programming languages. The Internet room, in turn, serves to provide students and researchers with the necessary information via the Internet.

The center works with the direct support of KADO. http://eng.nia.or.kr/site/nia_eng/main.do

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