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Department of Information Technologies and Programming

In 1993 at the faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics of BSU the department of Computer and Programming was founded. In 1993-1997 the department was led by the nationally known expert in the field of Informatics, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, docent Mahmudzade Ramin Ali Nazim oglu. Since 1997 the department was renamed to the department of Information Technologies and Programming and since then till now the department is led by doctor of technical sciences, professor Aliyev Alekber Ali Aga oglu. A.A. Aliyev was graduated from the faculty of  Mechanics-Mathematics of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov in 1982. In 1989 obtained candidate's degree in the Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on the speciality 05.13.17 - The theoretical basics of Informatics. In 1996 obtained doctor's degree in the Institute of Applied Informatics in Kiev on the speciality 05.13.14 - The systems of information processing and management. His field of scientific interest is computer networks and the theory of interacting of applied processes in distributed systems.

The department is carrying out a scientific work on the "Research of cloud computing" theme. International relations of the department are wide enough. It keeps up close scientific relations with the MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov, the Institute of Cybernetics of the AS of Ukraine, the Vinnica state technical university, the Voronej

state technical university.

The department has currently 8 members.

  1. Aliyev Alekber Ali Aga oglu head d.s.
  2. Mahmudzade Ramin Ali Nazim oglu docent c.s.
  3. Kazimov Javanshir Kazim oglu docent c.s.
  4. Suleymanov Nizami Sohbet oglu docent c.s.
  5. Jamalov Zeynal Ramazan oglu docent c.s.
  6. Aqamaliyev Rauf Xalid oglu sr.lecturer c.s.
  7. Mekhtiyev Hidjran Bakhadur oglu sr.lecturer c.s.
  8. Jabrailov Shamo Isax oglu lecturer.
  9. Hajiyev Ramzi Niyazi oglu sr.lecturer
  10. Gurbanov Fuad Iskender oglu sr.lecturer.
  11. Orujeva Sevindj Hamzaga qizi  lecturer.


At the department the following subjects are  taught:

Scientific work
The Department conducts research work on problems cloud computing.

2003, Distributed Data Processing System
2004, the Anglo-Russian-Azerbaijani Dictionary of computer science, telecommunications and electronics
2007, Computer architecture and operating systems
2008, Foundations of Computer Science
2008, Programming in C and Pascal
2013, Computer Science:  The Program
2015, The Theory of Codding and cryptography
2015, Computer Science
2016, Algorithmic languages
2016 Algorithmic languages, The Program

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