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Department of Optimization and Control

Created in 1980 year. At creation and development of the department exclusive role has played Prof. А.D.Iskenderov.
Head of department: Dr.ph.-м.s., Prof. Iskenderov Asaf Dashdamir
Employees of Department:

  1. Dr.ph.m.s., prof.  R.G.Tagiyev
  2. Dr.ph.-m.s, ptof.(lec). Y.H.Hasanli
  3. Cand.ph.м.s., doc(lec). S.A.Hashimov
  4. Cand.e.s., teacher. A.T.Efendiyeva (Sadigova)

On the Department the following subjects are teached:
- Mathematical methods of optimization and control
- Economic-mathematical methods optimal control
- Numerical methods of optimal control
- Methods of optimization in the economical analysis (Basic of the theory of optimal control)
- Authomatic systems of control
- Mathematical programming
- Non-smooth programming
- The theory of optimal control and controling processes
- Discrete optimization and numerical methods of the theory of optimal control
- Variational calculation and modern theory of optimal control
- The theory of control in conditions of uncertainty
- Basic of the theory of optimal identification
- Problems of optimal control in functional space and their applications
- The numerical solution of the optimization problems
- The theories of identification
- The convex analysis
- Mathematical programming and matematico-economical analysis
- Optimal control of dynamic economical systems
- Bases of mathematical modeling of economical processes
- Optimal identification of matematico-economical models
- Expert systems and soft computing
- Multycritial optimal economic processes and control of social economic systems in conditions of uncertainty
- Basic of the theory of socially growth economics
- Application of the fuzzy analysis to socially economic systems
- Transitional economics
- Economies of Europe and America
- World economy dynamics

Scientific directions of department:
- Optimal identification of nonlinear systems

The publications of department for last years:
- А.D.Iskenderov Regularization of nonlinear Abel-type integral equation of first kind. Kuvait Mathem. J. 2000 (co-authors R.Gorenflo, M.Yamomoto)
- А.D.Iskenderov Mapping between solutions of fractional diffusion- wave equation. International Journal, " Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis ", v.3; №1, 2000, (coautors R.Gorenflo, Y.Luchko)
- Yagubov G.Y, Yildiz V. On an optimal control problem. Journal of Computational and applied mathematics-vol.88, 1997.-pp.275-287
- Yagubov G.Y., Musayeva M.A. About one task of identification for the nonlinear equation Schrodinger, The differential equations, 1997, т.33, №12, page 1691-1698
- А.D.Iskenderov, G.Y.Yagubov, R.G.Tagiyev " Methods of optimization ", Textbook. Second publ Baku - Cashioglu 2002.-400 pag.
- А.D.Iskenderov. Identification of unknown potentials in nonstationary Schrodinger equation. " International Conference on Ill-Posed and Inverse Problems " Novosibirsk, August, 5-9, 2002
- Tikhonov A.N., Costomarov D.P. Introduction lectures on applied mathematics. (Translation), Baku 2003

The faculty has close communications with Universities of NIR, Germany, Italy, Czechia. In this direction may be noted Moscow, Novosibirsk, Bonn and Berlin State Universities, Munich Technical University.

Address: str. Z.Khalilov 23, faculty " Applied Mathematics and cybernetics ", II cas, stu.310, tel:38-02-40

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