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Hamidov Rafael

The head of the department, candidate of physics-mathematical sciences, docent
(+099412) 539-11-69

Short Biographic information
He was born in 1947 in Sheki city of Azerbaijan Republic. In 1970 he has finished the school number 10 with a distinction, also known as gold medal. He is married and is a father of two children, and a grandfather of four.

Education and academic degrees obtained
1965-1970- Baku state university, student.
1971-1975- post graduate student.
1984-candidate of phys.-math.sciences. Subject of the thesis-Solution of some multicriterian problems.

Complete professional background
Institute of cybernetics of academy of sciences of Azerbaijan - from 1974 to 1990.
Oil academy of Azerbaijan - from 1990 to 1998.
Baku state university - from 1998 up to present.
Department of operational researches and mathematical modelling of the faculty of applied mathematics and cybernetic.

The subjects he teaches
Operational research and games theory, mathematical modeling, games theory in economics
Collective decision-making, Multicriterion decision-making, Fuzzy mathematical modeling, High dimensional systems, Distribution problems in economic systems

Present research interests
Mathematical problems of decision making; optimization of large systems.

International conferences, symposiums
1. I international conference on control and optimization with industrial application, Baku, 2004.
2. I international conference on Application of information-communication technologies in science and education, Baku, 2004.
3. I international congress on science development, software movement and free thinking,Tehran, Iran, 2005.
5. The international conference on problems of cybernetics and informatics, Baku, 2006.
6. The 38-th annual Iranian mathematics conference, Zanjan, 2007.
7. Proceedings  of the International  conference devoted  to the 80-th anniversary  of akademican Y.C.Məmmədov s    “ problems mathematics and mexanics “   Bakı,2010
8. An international conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev”, 2013
9. Proceedings  of the Scientific conference devoted  to the 100-th anniversary of prof Amir Habibzade’s “Functional analysis and its applications” materials scientific conference  Bakı 2016,pp. 29-30
10. Proceedings  of the Scientific conference devoted  to the 100-th anniversary of prof Majid Rasulov’s “Actual problems of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics” material scientific conference , Şəki 2016, pp.135-137
11. “Applied Math problems and new informational technologies” -III Republican scientific conference,15.12. 2016,Sumqayıt ,  pp 73
12. An Scientific  conference dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev “Actual problems of  Mathematics and Mechanics” 17-18 may, Bakı 2018,  pp-49-52

List of selected publications
1. One Bicriterion Dynamic Linear Program And Its Solution. The international conference of problems of Cybernetics and Informatics. Baki 2006. , pp. 132-135
2. An efficient decomposition method for linear programming problems. Appl.Comput. Math.4.(2005),no 1, pp.54-60.
3. An Algorithm for Equilibrium Point of One N-Person Non-cooperative Game the 38th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference, pp 8-11, Zanjan Univetsity, Iran, 2007
4.  “Collective decision making for one class of  resource allocation  problems ”AMEA-nın “Məruzələr”i, Section physics mathematics  ,№5, 2011.
5. «Об одной задаче распределения ресурсов»-.BSU  “News”.№2 2012.pp 70-78
6. Принятие решения в одной задаче назначения производсвенных заказов -Proceeding of institute of applied mathematics  Bakı-2013,№4, pp 9-14
7. “Об одном подходе к организации процесса принятия решения “-AMEA-nın «Məruzələr»i physics- mathematics  section, LXX, №2, 2014. pp 6-9
8. Принятие решение в двухкритериальной задаче дробно-линейного программирования -Proceeding of institute of applied mathematics, Vol 4, №1, 2015, səh 12-22
9.” Применение редукции в одной задаче принятия решения”- Наука через призму времени, International  Science journal №7, 2017, pp.6-12
10. Reduction of one block linear multicriteria decision-making problem-proceedings of the 6th international conference on control and optimization with industrial applications, volume II, 11-13 july,2018 Baku, pp.138-140

List of selected publications
1. Collective decision- making for one class of  resource allocation  problems

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