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Economic Cybernetics (Mathematical economic and modelling of economy-ecological systems)

History of department
The Department  «Economic Cybernetics (Mathematical economic and modelling of economy-ecological systems)» has been founded and confirmed by the order of the rector of the Baku State University  in May, 15th, 1996 on the basis of faculty of applied mathematics. From 1996 to 2006 year the chief of department was prof. A.T.Naqiyev. From 2006 to 2015 year the chief of department was doctor of economics science Taqiyev N.F. From January 2015 the chief of department is ass. prof. F.A.Mirzayev. There are  5 worker at the chair. From them-1 the doctor and 4 candidates of sciences. Besides about 17 highly skilled teachers by hour payment are involved.

The staff of deparment:
The chief of department Ph.d., assos.prof.Mirzayev F. A.
Ph.d., assos.prof.Kuliev R. M.
Ph.d., assos.prof.Abbasova Sh. A.

Ph.d., assos. Kulieva N. A.

Doctor of ec.s. prof. Tagiev N.F.

From 2015 to 2017 the main direction of research:

Social and economic processes modeling and analysis of effective application of the principles

The department has published manuals and programs in recent years
1. Investment and investment policy. N.F.Tagiyev. Baku 2008.dərs funds
2. Production areas (the current situation and reforms) of the Prison service. N.F.Tagiyev. Baku 2008. Creative teaching aids.
3. 200 options for participants of the olympiad in mathematics. R.M.Guliyev. Baku 2008. Creative teaching aids.
4. Mathematical models of the economy. N.F.Tagıyev, R.M.Guliyev, F.A.Mirzayev. The program of Baku 2010, Subject.
5. Microeconomics. The program of Baku 2011, Subject.
6. Macroeconomics. The program of Baku 2011, Subject.
7. A doctoral degree programs and admission to dissertanturu for 08.00.13- mathematical and tool methods of Economy. M.F.Mehdiyev, N.F.Tagiyev, R.M. Guliyev, F.A.Mirzayev, Baku 2011,
8. N.F.Tagıyev, R.M. Guliyev, F.A. Mirzayev "Economic processes in mathematical modeling" Study guide, part I, Baku, Adiloglu, 2012.ş 208 s.
9. N.F.Tagiyev, R.M. Guliyev, F.A. Mirzayev "Economic processes in mathematical modeling" Study guide, part I (the SECOND edition of the revised and amended), Adiloglu, Baku, 2013, 256 p.
10. Программа по дисциплине "Математическое моделирование в экономике" (для бакалавров), с Баку, 2013, 12.
11. Программа по дисциплине "Системный анализ в управленческой деятельности", Баку, 2013,7с.
12. "Dynamical systems theory of economic development applied to dynamic models" subject to the program of graduate education stage. Baku, 2013, 10 pp..
13. "Econometrics" on the subject curriculum. Baku, 2013, 11 pp..
14. Economic cybernetics in various subjects of the program (masters degree) Baku, 2014, 56 pp..

The main subjects
Introduction to modern economic,International economic relation,Marketinq,Finance finance row,Statistics,World economics,Mathematicul models in economics,Money kredit bank,Modellinq of saio-economical proses. Econometrica; Finansovaya matematika; The theory of fuzzy loqic.

International relation
Communications with Department of economics at the State University of Georgia in the USA are established. By the project   about higher education the Institute of the Open Society sent for teaching the young and perspective spesialists.

Tel: (+99412) 538 95 40. 
Address: Akademik Zahid Xəlilov küçəsi, 23 E-mail: info@applmath.az

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