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The department mathematical methods of applied analysis was formed in February, 2002 by the resolution of Scilutific Council .The head of the department is corr. member of National Academy of Icinences of Azerbaijan M.F.Mehdiyev . The stuff of the department consists of 1 professor, 4 assist. Prof., 1 senior lecturer and 1 senior laboratory assistant:

  1. Academician Mehdiyev Mahammad Farman
  2. Doctor of Phys.-math., prof. Aliyev Nihan Alipanah
  3. Doctor of Phys.-math., prof.Sharifov Yagub Amiyar
  4. Ph.D.m Phys.-math., assist. prof. Ahmedov Ramiz Gashim
  5. Ph.D.m Phys.-math.,senior lecturer Fomina Nina Ilyinichna
  6. Ph.D.m Phys.-math., lecturer  Tagiyev Hikmat
  7. Ph.D.m Phys.-math., lecturer Fatullayeva Laura Faiq

Scientific directions of the department
for 2009-2011

  1. Mathematical problems of mechanics of continua.Necessary and sufficient conditions of the existence of solutions of linear differential equations with local and non-local conditions.
    Qualitative investigation of the optimal control problems with local and non-local conditions.

School books and programs published by the department

  1. Theory of determinants. Ahmedov N.G., Baku, 2002. Methodic indication.
  2. Numerical and functional series. Mehdiyev M.F., Sharifov Ya.A. Baku, 2004, School book.
  3. Asymptotic analysis of some space problems of elasticity theory for hollow boclies. Mehdiyev M.F., "Elm", 2008, 320 p.
  4. Numerical methods. Mehdiyev M.F., Ahmedov R.G., Ayvazov A., Sharifov Ya.A. Baku, 2008, Textbook.
  5. Numerical methods. Mehdiyev M.F., Ahmedov R.G., Ayvazov A., Sharifov Ya.A. Baku, 2008, Program

Corer. member of NASA, Doctor in Phys. and Math., prof. Mehdiyev M.F. is the chairman of specialized Council № 02.016 for defense of dissertations established at BSU. Assist. prof. Ahmedov N. G. is the secretary of the specialized Council.

Main subjects of teaching:

For the bachelor degree:
Numerical methods, Mathematical analysis, Linear algebra, Theory of difference schemes.

Basics of mathematical modeling, Mathematical modeling of biological and natural processes, Mathematical models of economical systems, Mathematical models of sociology.

The department kops scientific-creative connections with Moscow State University, Calculating Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Southern Federal University, Saint-Petersburg, Rostov, Cuban, Kazan State Universities (Russia), Kiev, Dnipropetrovs'k, Donetsk Universities ( Ukraine), Cambridge (England) and Beer-Shiva ( Israel) Universities.

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