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The department of applied mathematics

The department of "Applied Mathematics" was established on the basis of Mechanics-Mathematics faculty of Azerbaijan State University named after S.M.Kirov by decision of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR and Collegues of the Azerbaijan Education Ministry in 1972. A real member of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences (now Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences), Doctor of Mathematics and Physics sciences, professor M.G.Gasimov, assistant professor M.A.Veliyev, senior lecturer S.R.Ibrahimov and assistant K.S.Mammadov were first collaborators of the department, the material-technical base of it consisted of a calculating laboratory and SM-4 electron calculating machine.

A real member of AAS, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics sciences, professor M.G.Gasimov headed the department in 1972-2008. At present 4 professors, 5 assistant professors, 2 lecturers, 2 senior laboratory assistants.


  1. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor G.D.Orujov
  2. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor I.M.Huseynov
  3. Ph. D. of Physics and Mathematics, assistant professor A.S.Gahramanov
  4. Ph. D. of Physics and Mathematics, assistant professor E.H.Eyvazov
  5. Ph. D. of Physics and Mathematics, assistant professor Hasanov Feyruz Misir o.
  6. Doctor.of Physics and Mathematics, professor Nabiyev Ibrahim Mail o.
  7. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics,professor Khanmammadov Agil Khanmammad o.
  8. Ph. D. of Physics and Mathematics, assistant professor Mustafayeva Yelena Yumiddin g.
  9. Ph. D. of Physics and Mathematics, teacher Mehdiyev Abbas Ali o.
  10. Ph. D. of Physics and Mathematics, teacher Masmaliyev Haji

At present 5 undergraduate masters are studying at the department.

Scientific work:

  1. Direct and inverse problems of spectral of differential operators.
  2. Operator-differential equations and spectral problems connected with them.
  3. Methods of solving problems of mathematical physics and questions of their convergence.

Professor G.D.Orujov organized II International conference "Application of information-communication technologies in science and education" together with Caucasus University and Turkish Telecommunication structure and Baku State University in 2007.

The department of Applied Mathematics published 26 scientific works in 2007: 1 schoolbook, 1 program, 3 papers published abroad, 1 abstract publication abroad, 21 papers and abstracts published in Azerbaijan.

In 2008 37 scientific works were published: 1 schoolbook, 1 methodic indication, 1 textbook, 7 papers published abroad, 27 papers and materials of Republic and International conferences.

The textbooks and programs published at the department during last years:

  1. Mammadov Kh.R. Method of elementary transformations. Baku, 2001. Methodic reference.
  2. Orujov H.D. Linear algebra. Baku, 2001. Methodic reference.
  3. Aliyev A.R., Khalilov E.G., Mammadov Kh.R., Mammadov U.M. Problems and exercises of Mathematical Analysis (translation from Russian into Azeri). Baku, 2003. Schoolbook. "El-Alliance" publication house, 554 p.
  4. Aliyev A.R. Curvilinear integrals. Baku, 2005. Schoolbook. BSU publication house, 44 p.
  5. Orujov H.D., Hasanov F.M. Program of mathematical analysis (Specialization of "Physical electronics" - TT-120100). Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Education confirmed by order 329 from 18.04.2007 of Education publication house, 2007, 7-8 p.
  6. Hasanov F.M. Methods of mathematical physics (elliptic equations). Schoolbook. Confirmed by order 500 from 23.05.2007 of Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Education. Teknur publication house, 2007, 136 p.
  7. Mehdiyev A.A., Nabiyev I.M., Pashayev R.T. Mathematical analysis, methodical indication. Baku, 1997, 34 p.
  8. Mustafayeva Y.Y., Abbasov A.G., Aliyeva G. English for mathematical faculties (for Russian department). Textbook, 398 p, Baku, "Chinar-Chap" publication house, 2006.
  9. Mustafayeva Y.Y., Abbasov A.G., Isgenderova T. English textbook for mathematical faculties (for Azeri department). Baku, "Chinar-Chap" publication house, 2006, 380 p.
  10. Mustafayeva Y.Y., Abbasov A.G., Isgenderova T.I. Program for English on specialties "Mathematics" and "Applied Mathematics". Baku, BSU publication house. 2006. 16 p.

International relations (contacts).

The departments keeps contacts with the Institute of Mechanics and Mathematics, Institute of Cybernetics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, Russian Institute of Mathematics named after Steklov, Institute of Mathematics of the Ukraine NAS, Turkish Konya, Seljuk, Sivas, Mersin, S.Demirel Universities, Novosibirsk University, Siberian department of Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk), Moscow Energy Institute, German Leipzig University, American San-Francisco University.

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