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Lotfi Zadeh Memorial Day


Today is four years since the death of the world-renowned Azerbaijani scientist, Professor Lotfi Zade of California University, founder of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic.

Genius Zadeh was born on Feb.4, 1921 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Zadeh attended elementary school for three years in Baku. In 1931, his family moved to Tehran in Iran. Zadeh was enrolled in Alborz College. In 1942, he was graduated from the University of Tehran in electrical engineering. After graduating he went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; then to Columbia; then to the Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton, New Jersey; and, finally, in 1959, to the University of California, Berkeley, where he remained for the rest of his career. He became Chair in 1963, and later in the Computer Science Division (EECS).

Zadeh`s revolutionary theory of fuzzy logic emerged in 1965. The essence of fuzzy logic is that the world is a variety of shades - from black to white. To put it scientifically, in this world nothing is absolute in mathematical terms, as everything varies to a certain degree on a scale of 0-1, thus, between zero and one there are dozens, hundreds, of other shades.The word "fuzzy" is used becuase the borders of white and whitish, scarlet and red are fuzzy; there is a continuous transition from one to the other.

It changed entirely the concept of cybernetics and played an important role in space satellites, cognition and the study of images, the Earth and the Universe, and in research into UFOs. The theory is widely applied in all areas of modern industry - robotics, mechanical engineering, electronics, fifth and sixth generation supercomputers and defence technology forming the basis of fuzzy technology throughout the world.

Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Sony, Canon, Sanyo, Nissan, Honda, and other influential companies produce photo and video cameras, washing machines, vacuum chemical cleaners, cars, trains, with fuzzy logic technology in industrial processes. He is also the author of scientific discoveries that  played an important role in the development of world science such as "Theory of Thoughts", "Theory of Systems", "Theoretical Computer Theory" and "Theory of Optimal Filters". He has written books about "The Coryphaeus of Modern Science", "The World Can not Live Without Genius", "Far & Near Lutfi Zadeh" documentary, Lutfi Zadeh's Legacy and Artificial Intelligence Association, International Academy of Modern Sciences named after Lutfi Zadeh.

Lutfi Zadeh is the only person elected as a lifelong professor at the University of Berkeley.

He was a leading NASA and NATO specialist. He also headed the Institute of Information Technology "İnstitute Zadeh-ZİFT" in the city of Berkeley, in which he lived. For information, we will inform you that Lutfi Zadeh was the second scientist in the world after the German scientist Max Planck, whose name and the name of the theory, during his lifetime, had a scientific center.

L.Zadeh was a member of many foreign academies. He was awarded awards and medals of numerous honorary societies and foundations. He was an honorary doctor of public organizations and universities as well as Baku State University.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev has signed an order to mark the 100th anniversary of the world-renowned scientist Lotfi Zadeh on January 25, 2021. According to the order, Baku State University developed an Action Plan on the 100th anniversary of prominent scientist Lotfi Zade. In accordance with the Action Plan, a series of seminars, conferences, competitions dedicated to the prominent scientist are currently being conducted by Baku State University.


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